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pictures like this make us realize how fortunate we are to have a bed to lay on, food to eat, and more opportunities than others could ever have, so rather trippn about materialistic shit we need to be fortunate and pay it forward to those who arent.

If you do not reblog this,Β you are heartless.

This show that we must appreciated everything we have and never complain because there is someone who is living worse then us. I thank God for everything.

:( we should be thankful of what we have now.

Β Its images like this… and the news of Japan that makes me realise that my problems are irrelevent. Others suffer more and we should be helping instead of wrapping ourselves in our own issues that probably arent that important. Well, mine arent, anyway.

Looking at this makes me so sad. I think I’m fat but I bet all of those children would do anything to have a bit of meat on there body. I just want to hug them all and give them clean water and something to eat, every. single. day.

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